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Are you looking to sell your property next year?

Did you know that alongside our successful lettings business we also sell properties as well? If you are interested in knowing the value of your property and thinking about selling then call us on 01708 753521 where we can discuss your individual requirements. 

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Nathan Hancox, Branch Manager

How has the property market changed in the last decade?


As we look forward to a new year, and a new decade, now is a good time to reflect on how the property market has changed this year, and across the decade.

If you’re thinking about moving or are interested to find out more about the value of your property then our experts are here to help – find your local branch here.

The true cost of buying a home and what's going on in the property market


At this time of year it’s natural to reflect on the year so far, and what plans you may have for the next. If 2020 looks like it’ll involve a property move then make sure you take advantage of your local branches experience and advice about what you can do now to make sure you’re in the right place at the start of the year.

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