Good news for buyers, sellers and renters

Good news for buyers, sellers and renters

Despite changes to the stamp duty land tax holiday at the start of July the property market remained busy throughout the month and looks to continue to be busy throughout summer. 

Even though house prices have increased to an all-time high this year, mortgage payments actually haven't increased.

Mortgage rates are close to an all-time low, which means that affordability has remained stable. So, if you are looking to purchase a property this year then why not speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers

Think you'll be set once you're in your new home? Think again as 1 in 8 homeowners actually plan on moving within 5 years of moving into their home. 

If you're already getting itchy feet and looking for your next property then why not download our property report on your current home, and any potential future properties to find out a range of information.

There's also good news for tenants as it's current renters spend about 24% of their gross income on private renting, which is about the same cost as 5 years ago

Rents steady five years onĀ 

1 in 8 homeowners plan to move within the 5 years

Download your property report

People still on the move despite pandemic

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